Hey I’m Sha’Ri (shy-ree), I am so glad you are here.  

 I absolutely love to talk about all things lifestyle, because I truly found a passion for sharing things. I am also a gut health expert- I can tell you exactly what’s wrong with you and I can look at you and tell if you have a fatty liver! A few years ago we started to live a toxic free lifestyle and it’s been amazing. If you are looking for health, wellness, beauty, living a non toxic and eco-friendly lifestyle, or self care must-haves- I am your girl and I’m happy to share. I don’t do complicated so rest assured it will be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Making everyday count

As a wife and mom of four, I’m all about things that make everyday life better all around but more simplistic too. I am a firm believer in saving time, and money so that you can be present for moments- you just can’t get those back. However not compromising value and quality. I was just a girl who loved a lot of things, and would talk about them and shared. Now, I’ve made it my business to share those things, so I hope you enjoy your stay. I am a certified health and wellness coach and gut health expert. I am currently getting my PhD in health education and promotion. As we continue together we will learn more about each other, I can't wait.

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Thank you, ShaRi Smyth, for allowing God to work through you to help me with this vital piece that was missing on my journey to whole health and wellness - taking care of my body. Thank you for helping me get rid of the thought process that being physically healthy is about torturing and restricting myself like the world says when it is actually about FEEDING, NURTURING, HEALING, and INVESTING in myself in ALL areas, including my physical body, so that I can live fully in my purpose.

- Jimeca Iyomere

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